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Apprentice Registration (Occupations other than Building Trades)

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Build Your Apprenticeship Standards

You will need a cover page listing occupation(s), the basic program template and one attachment for each occupation in your program from the table below.

ElectricianMulti Occupation Cover PagePlumber (10000 h)
Maintenance Electrician (6000 h)Basic Template
Pipefitter I & II (10000 h)
Refrigeration Mechanic I & II (10000 h)n
Refrigeration Mechanic II (4000 h)n
Sheetmetal Worker I & II (8000 h)
Sheetmetal Worker II (4000 h)
Fire Protection Sprinklerfitter

These examples are from approved programs, but they are not meant to discourage you from customizing or updating your on-the-job learning competencies or course requirements to fit the evolving needs of the industry.