Why Apprenticeship?

Why Apprenticeship, Why Now? Apprenticeship is a movement that addresses the challenges posed by the rising skill needs of the knowledge economy, increasingly unaffordable higher education, and the imminent retirement of large numbers of skilled workers. Employers are taking talent development into their own hands with custom designed Apprenticeship programs that train anywhere from one Apprentice at a time to thousands.

key things to know

  • Helps recruit and develop a highly skilled workforce.
  • Improves productivity and the bottom line.
  • Registered Apprenticeships qualify for tax credits and employee tuition benefits.
  • Reduces turnover costs & increases employee retention.
  • Creates flexible training to meet your needs.
  • 97% of sponsors would recommend apprenticeships to other employers

Who is Apprenticeship for?

Apprenticeship offers a path into technology, healthcare, and management careers at sponsoring companies for high potential candidates who otherwise lack specific technical knowledge and experience required to access these careers.

Apprenticeship is for people who …

  • Are ready to take on professional responsibility
  • Like to learn by doing
  • Want their education to be relevant
  • Want or need to be financially self-supporting
  • Do not want to take on college debt.
  • Are motivated to build mastery in their chosen career

Rhode Island Apprentices will …

  • Help hospitals and clinics use data
  • Build high technology boats
  • Program machines that make things
  • Help companies solve IT problems
  • Troubleshoot medical equipment and healthcare’s growing internet of the things
  • Protect against cybersecurity threats
  • Advance their nursing career with a clinical specialty
  • Support individuals in their recovery from addiction
  • Manage retail stores
  • And more