What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is structured employment and training designed and driven by employers.  Classroom education works hand-in-hand with on-the-job learning and creates an “earn while you learn” pathway.

Components of Apprenticeship

Employer Designed
Employer Designed and Driven
Apprenticeship is always employer designed and driven.
On-the-Job Learning
Structured On-the-Job Learning
Structured on the job learning is a core component of apprenticeship
Job Related Education
Job-Related Education
Related technical instruction is a core component of apprenticeship
Wage Progression
Wage Progression
Every apprenticeship program has a wage progression. Apprentices start at a training wage that progresses toward the full occupational wage as they achieve program milestones.
Valued Credentials
Nationally Recognized Credential
Registered Apprenticeship is a nationally recognized credential.
Apprenticeship Rhode Island assists employers, at no cost with:

Designing your Apprenticeship program

Registering Your Apprentice Standards

Maximizing Federal and State Benefits

Connecting with other Employer and higher education partners

Leveraging National Apprenticeship initiatives for your company