Governor’s Workforce Board produces new report: Unlocking Apprenticeship”

In response to Senate Resolution S0826-sponsored by Senate President Dominick J.  Ruggerio, the Governor’s Workforce Board recently released a new report outlining Apprenticeship as an incredibly effective workforce development tool.

A cover letter introducing the report goes on to say that The Rhode Island Legislature rightfully recognizes the effectiveness of apprenticeship; a recognition shared by both the current and previous Presidential administrations. In response, the Department of Labor & Training (DLT), the Governor’s Workforce Board (GWB), and the State Apprenticeship Council (SAC) have partnered to develop this report and provide an action ­oriented plan to expand Registered Apprenticeship in Rhode Island.

Stating that “Apprenticeship  holds great promise as a way to meet employer skill demands while building pathways into the middle class for potentially thousands of Rhode Islanders–The Rhode Island Department of labor and Training (DLT), the Governor’s Workforce Board (GWB), and many others, seek to promote and expand the use of apprenticeship as a training model.

To read the complete report, click here