Tech Sector Apprenticeships Offer Pathways to Success

“Many years ago, there was one lone person on the hill dancing to the tune of apprenticeship; that person was Tim Hebert.” stated Andrew Cortes in introducing the Chief Managed Services Officer, Carousel Industries/ CEO Founder Trilix Tech and facilitator of Building Futures ‘Tech Talent through Apprenticeship Showcase.’ He went on to add, “Through Tim’s enthusiasm and commitment, the Registered Apprenticeship model has proven to be an effective approach to addressing the needs of the IT industry in Rhode Island and nationwide.”  Scott Jensen, Director, RI DOL and Brian Hull, Director of Economic Opportunity, City of Providence, joined three leading RI tech companies in sharing how the apprenticeship model ensures that residents have the skills and opportunities to have meaningful, well-paying careers that support Rhode Island’s industries’ demands.

Jamie Boughman, Technical Director, Managed Services at Carousel Industries shared his thoughts on the benefits of apprenticeship, “Apprentices are working and creating value for the company within two to four weeks.” Jonathan Buchanan, IT Operations Manager, Claflin Co./CME added, “In technology, we can get set in our ways; interacting with apprentices brings in new ideas and passion.”

Apprenticeship is a ‘win-win’ as companies benefit from untapped, diverse talent and apprentices are able to ‘earn while they learn’. Vertikal6 Apprentice & Panelist, John Loven, spoke to the personal impact of Apprenticeship, “When I saw the apprenticeship opportunity, I literally knocked on the door and asked to speak to the hiring manager. Two weeks later, I was taking calls, working tickets, and learning new things every day on the job.”  Tim Hebert summarized, “Apprenticeships are so powerful because they can take people from a variety of different backgrounds and really change the trajectory of their careers and their earning potential.  Talk about changing lives.”

The Tech Talent through Apprenticeship Showcase was hosted by Building Futures on November 15 in celebration of National Apprenticeship Week 2018.